As it was international women’s day earlier this week, I thought I’d do a shout out to those people who have made me who I am today (male and female)… 1)My Nan My nan was my role model, she was always so kind and I never heard her say a bad word about anyone, something … More

Long Distance

Happy valentines/galentines/palentines to all, tonight I thought I’d talk about something I’ve experienced good and bad in… long distance relationships. I bet if you asked the majority of people they’d say long distance relationships don’t work, admittedly a lot don’t, but I’m living proof that some do. The first long distance relationship I had broke … More Long Distance

A Weekend in Paris

For my boyfriend and my birthday’s we’ve decided to do a small weekend trip instead of birthday presents. So this weekend I went to Paris for my boyfriends birthday. We wanted to spend as little as possible while not sacrificing having fun. Luckily as EU residents and being under 26 years old we get a … More A Weekend in Paris

Christmas in Vienna

I ABSOLUTELY love Christmas markets! I think the Bath Christmas markets started the love, then I went to university in Southampton and discovered Winchester Christmas market. Then in 2015 I went to Munich for 5 days and OMG UK Christmas markets have nothing on a proper German Christmas market. The smells, oh the smells. And … More Christmas in Vienna