Summer Sisters

Back in January, I signed up to a Summer Camp agency expecting nothing to happen. Fast forward 6 months and I was sat alone in Heathrow Airport at 7am waiting for my flight to America…

Now don’t get me wrong, I was really excited but as I sat there alone in the airport, having already been awake for 3 hours, I thought ‘wtf am i doing??’. I left behind my family, a summer with friends, my graduation and a (pretty much) boyfriend. I came back not getting inside jokes, a degree certificate and a single lady (you can always rely on family to be the same!!). And yet, I’d still do it again.

If you haven’t been to camp then it’s impossible to describe, but I’m going to try. Imagine¬†being half-way across the world with dodgy internet, little time to yourself, being completely exhausted (constantly), gaining 12 children (teenage girls i might add) and considering a day without crying an achievement. But then imagine meeting friends that become like sisters, spending your days at the pool, having the most amazing tan (and wearing no make-up), being a big kid for 7 weeks and making the most amazing memories.

love, Beth



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