Summer Sisters: Washington DC

So I promised posts on my travels in  America 3 months ago and then life got in the way… Doing a Masters Degree it turns out is actually quite time consuming. But here goes nothing (and hopefully some kind of routine on here)

After camp, the first place I went to was Washington DC. We (Lucy and I) were very lucky as camp needed bus supervisors to go to Maryland, so we got transport all the way to central DC (one of the parents dropped us off at the metro and camp paid our metro tickets).

When we arrived in DC it was a sweltering (38 degrees!!!) Friday afternoon, the struggle to find our hostel seemed horrendous – actually we were really close, it was just tiredness and bags! We stayed in the HI Hostel which I would highly recommend, it was in an amazing location and the facilities were really good – we even got free breakfast!

After a pitiful amount of sleep the previous night (damn hyperactive, upset kids), we decided we needed to get out the hostel to keep ourselves awake. We went for a lovely meal (I can’t remember the name of the place) and headed over to Chinatown to watch Suicide Squad. Chinatown was amazing, even the zebra crossings were themed!

Despite the heat the following day we headed out and tried to tackle some of the sights. The first place we went was the White House – very stereotypical, but who were we to resist!? To get out of the heat, we then headed to the (air-conditioned) National Museum of Natural History. I absolutely loved this museum, it has something for everyone and there’s so much to see and do!

We then ventured onto the National Air & Space Museum. Again, I absolutely loved this place, but then I am a bit of a space nerd. It’s probably a lot more interesting to someone that enjoys Air and/or Space, but Lucy wasn’t too annoyed when I dragged her around! We finished our day up by having a little photo shoot outside of the National Portrait Gallery.

On our second (and final) day in DC, we popped into the National Museum of American History and the Holocaust Museum – personally I found the latter more interesting! We then walked along past the multiple memorials that Washington has to offer. The one that really stood out for me was the World War II memorial – it’s so beautiful it takes your breath away. However, the view from the Lincoln Memorial (once we’d sweated our way up the many steps) was amazing.

That night we packed our bags ready for our flight to Miami the following day 🙂


Next up…MIAMI

love, Beth xxx


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