New Year, Same Me?

Not many people, let alone many of you, know the rollercoaster that was 2016.

Lets start with the highs…

  • erm I spent a whole summer in America and had the time of my life!
  • I actually got a degree and first class honours.
  • I got onto the masters I wanted and given a full scholarship, hallelujah?
  • I got over something I never thought I would
  • I met the most amazing guy

Now, my lows weren’t good and mainly revolved around one person… I had my heart broken and by broken I’m talking smashed, trodden on and the hammered all for good measure!

Obviously I had tough times over summer when I missed my family and friends, but I made friends that helped me through that (:

The real low came when I found out the guy I’d been seeing, the guy i’d idolised and everyone called me an idiot for, yeah him? He split up with me… not only that he did it over snapchat by telling me he was seeing someone else. Now there’s worse things to happen I know and luckily I was distracted by theme parks. However, this meant I didnt mentally process our break up till I saw him 3 months later.

There is a massive silver lining though: I got out of a toxic ‘relationship’ and; it gave me the opportunity to meet Jonny.

So, to not dwell on the past, looking at 2017 I have so much to look forward to. I’m actually going to leave uni and start a full time job, I have an amazing boyfriend who enjoys spending time with me and I have a supportive group of friends to help me through everything and anything!

So to help me appreciate and make the most of these things, I’ve made my goals for 2017:

  1. Finish my Masters with a distinction
  2. Appreciate and spend more time with the Wolfpack (home friends)
  3. Travel (everywhere and anywhere)
  4. Move to a place by myself(/with Jonny)
  5. Take as many opportunities as I can and make opportunities for myself

Beth xxx



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